Simulator Training at Princeton Flying School

Flight Simulator – Cessna 172 with a Garmin G430

Princeton Flying School has just added a new flight simulator with a Garmin G430, (Fly Simulators LLC model FS-430/530) installed. This simulator is extremely realistic and the hardware is what you have in the airplane.

In addition, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has qualified and approved the Fly Simulators LLC model FS-430/530 as a Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) in accordance with Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) § 61.4(c). FAA approval letter. Now you can train as if you are in the airplane – but without distractions and at a lower cost.

Here's what our simulator looks like.

Make your practice and training much more efficient while saving money.

Use our sim to:

  • Become an expert with the GPS - learn how to use every button and knob.
  • Practice all phases of IFR flying - including Departures, Enroute,  Holds, Approaches, and Missed Approaches.
  • Get proficient at entering and modifying flight plans.
  • Learn our unit's idiosyncrasies so you don't get surprised in the airplane - the worst place for surprises.