Radio Communications Webinar by CFI Wesley Chin

Radio Communications

In this Princeton Flying School webinar, CFI Wesley Chin covers Radio Communication topics, including:

  • Preflight planning procedures to ensure you know what frequencies to use and where to find them
  • Tips and tricks for better radio calls so that your communication with ATC is clear and concise
  • The 4 W’s of Radio Communications – learning to make radio calls takes many months to master but learning the 4 W’s is the key to speeding up the process!
  • Watching out for improper use of callsigns or similar callsigns on frequency
  • Proper aviation phraseology, including the phonetic alphabet and how to say different numbers so that you can sound like a real pilot
  • Dealing with ATC clearances and instructions with sample radio calls
  • Example flight scenario from 39N – KTTN – 39N with radio calls written out to practice

Wesley's Google Slides Presentations and other resources:

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Wesley Chin, CFI, Princeton Flying School

Wesley Chin obtained his Certified Flying Certificate at the Princeton Flying School this past fall.  When he is not teaching students to fly, he is finishing his degree in Finance.