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Rafael Cervilla, CFI, Princeton Flying School

Rafael Cervilla, CFI, Princeton Flying School

Rafael Cervilla is a Certified Flight Instructor. A graduate of Temple University with a Bachelors of Science in Architecture, Rafael also has earned a Masters in Architecture from the Universitat Politechnica de Catalunya.

Michael Colley - CFII - Princeton Flying School

Michael Colley, CFII, Princeton Flying School

Michael Colley is a Certified Flight Instructor - with Instrument Certification. Michael first arrived at Princeton Airport at the age of 13, and now after 12 years, Michael has returned to teach. Michael has a degree in Information Technology and Informatics from Rutgers University, as well as continuing his passion for aviation education.

Wesley Chin - CFI at Princeton Flying School

Wesley Chin, CFI, Princeton Flying School

Wesley Chin obtained his Certified Flying Certificate at the Princeton Flying School this past fall.  When he is not teaching students to fly, he is finishing his degree in Finance.

Tom Richter, CFI at Princeton Flying School

Tom Richter, CFI, Princeton Flying School

Tom Richter is a Certified Flight Instructor and Advanced Ground Instructor (and a CFI - Helicopter) with over 1700 hours flight experience. In addition to his CFI, Tom has experience flying a wide variety of aircraft including different Cessnas, various Pipers through the Cirrus brand, not to mention a slew of helicopters. 

Steve Hansell, CFII, ATP, Princeton Flying School

Steve Hansell, CFII, ATP, Princeton Flying School

Steve Hansell is a flight instructor at Princeton Flying School. He loves it here because it gives him a chance to fly a lot, as well as a chance to teach. Those are Steve’s two main activities.

I started my flight training here at Princeton Airport so I’m a good advertisement for the quality of the training. I started in 2006. Got my private license then on up through CFII, ATP and so on. I’ve flown thousands of hours since then. All with Princeton Airport instructors. They’ve done a fabulous job. I like it here at Princeton Airport. It’s a wonderful facility physically and there are nice people here as well.



David Michaud, CFII, Princeton Flying SchoolDavid Michaud, CFII, Princeton Flying School

David Michaud is a Certified Flight Instructor and lifelong aviator with significant experience in simple and complex single engine aircraft. David enjoys flight instruction and has logged over 3200 hours in aircraft including Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, and Cirrus, as well as high performance sailplanes.

Cameron Wagner, CFII

Cameron Wagner, CFII, Princeton Flying School

Cameron Wagner is our most recent addition to our Certified Flight Instruction Staff. He holds a private pilot certificate, commercial pilot certificate, as well as an instrument rating. Since Cameron has earned his instructor certification as well as his instrument instructor certification, he is a well-qualified addition to our flight school staff.

Nate Kijpatanasilp, CFI, Princeton Flying School

Nate Kijpatanasilp is a homegrown aviator and has been flying at Princeton Airport since 2011. In addition to being a Certified Flight Instructor and an Advanced Ground Instructor, he is also endorsed to fly High Performance and Taildragger aircraft. Nate has flown a variety of the taildraggers from a J-3 Piper Cub to an aerobatic American Champion Decathlon. He looks forward to taking you to a grass strip on a tailwheel aircraft!

Sal Parsi, CFI, Princeton Flying School

Sal Parsi, CFII, Princeton Flying School

Sal Parsi has been flying here at Princeton Airport since 1992. He earned his CFI under the tutelage of Pete Rafle in 2018 after deciding to join the ranks of our instructors. Since then he has earned  his commercial license and instrument rating. Sal teaches in our Cessna aircraft and will soon instruct in our Diamond aircraft as well.

Lucas Tholens, Flight Coordinator, Princeton Flying School

Lucas Tholens, Flight Coordinator, Princeton Flying School

Lucas Tholens is a talented Drone Pilot bringing 30 years of experience in aviation and maintenance. An excellent multitasker, organizer, and problem-solver, who keeps a calm, level-headed approach under dynamic conditions.

Lucas hails from the Netherlands where he served as Helicopter Crew Chief with the Royal Netherlands Airforce, Senior Maintenance Technician with Fuji Photo B.V., and a Planning Engineer with Greif Packaging.


Piper Ford - Flight Coordinator - Princeton Flying School

Piper Ford, Flight Coordinator, Princeton Flying School



Gabrielle Nierenberg, Flight Coordinator, Princeton Flying School



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