Private Pilot Course Rate Sheet
  (as of March 2024)
Flying School Requirements for Non US Citizens

Princeton Flying School (formerly Raritan Valley Flying School) has been training pilots for an avocation and vocation since 1973. Having started at Kupper Airport, the company moved to Princeton Airport (39N) in 1985. Over the many years of operation the school has trained pilots for the Air Force, ROTC Rutgers and Princeton, Marine Platoon Leaders Program, Veteran Training, students from foreign countries, and Mercer County Community College.

However Princeton Flying School's primary function is to train students who come to the flight school from the region. Students come from as far as Staten Island, Long Island, and eastern Pennsylvania to seek training at a school where the staff is professional and there is a large, well-maintained fleet.

Princeton Flying School is a Part 61 FAA-approved flight school. We use the Jeppessen syllabus, for a structured flight school environment. Please contact us for details regarding Part 61 vs. Part 141/142 flight schools.

Princeton Flying School has a staff of instructors who have flown and instructed for many years as well as new instructors who are energetic and anxious to share their newly acquired knowledge. This mixture serves the needs of the students as some instructors are part time employees while others are at the school on a full time basis. Every Princeton Flying School student and instructor follows the Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery curriculum for standardization via the syllabus. Periodically students will fly with another instructor for progress checks to assure that the student meets the school standards. MEET OUR PRINCETON FLYING SCHOOL INSTRUCTORS

Transfer Students: Princeton Flying School regularly accept students who transfer to our school. The student would fly with a senior flight instructor who will evaluate the students prior training. Then he/she is integrated into the Jeppesen curriculum. If they have some of the books that we require, we deduct those cost from our enrollment package.

The Princeton Flying School staff of instructors can meet the course needs of students training for the private pilot, instrument, commercial, and certified flight instructor. Instruction is given seven days a week from 8AM until dark, by appointment. The years of experience with students from every age, socio-economic background, ethnic, sex, etc, make the "wanna-be-pilot" welcome.

In addition to a large fleet of airplanes, Princeton Flying School has about 6-8 flight instructors, both full time and part-time on staff. We try to match the student to the instructor who will accommodate the student's needs the best.

International Students: If you are not an American citizen, you must get a clearance from the Transportation Security Administration before you start. Go to their website Flight Training Security Program. Once we get the clearance, you can begin training. We are not authorized to issue I-20 forms. Please check with your embassy for visa requirements.


Online Scheduling for Current Students
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Advantages that make Princeton Flying School the right choice:

  • Most flight schools in this area fly aircraft built in the mid 1970's - Princeton Flying School operates a newer fleet, offering moving map GPS's (and WAAS-enabled GPS,) for better safety and higher performance.
  • Trouble finishing your rating? Princeton Flying School offer a free logbook review which can help us advise you for the route to take to get your license, and get your check-ride passed quickly.  
  • More aircraft available for training and rental than a typical flight school. Princeton Flying School currently offer 8 aircraft.
  • Princeton Flying School operates at a lower cost due to the fact we operate the fuel, maintenance and ramp area so we can offer competitively priced flight training to our student pilots.
  • Princeton Flying School has been operating an average three times longer, if not more, and produced many more pilots than any other flight school in the central New Jersey region.

Simulator Training at Princeton Flying School
Flight Simulator – Cessna 172 with a Garmin G430

Princeton Flying School has just added a new flight simulator with a Garmin G430 installed.
This simulator is extremely realistic and the hardware is what you have in the airplane.

Student Payments & Lesson Cancellation Policy 

Registered Student Requirements:

U.S. Citizens:

A copy of a current Passport or a copy of a Birth Certificate and a government ID.

Credit card on file.


Non-U.S. Citizens:

Approval from (Transportation Security Administration). Credit card on file, copy of a passport, visa, and a picture of you at time of start of lessons.



Payment should be made after each lesson by cash, check, credit card presented, credit card on file, or money on account.  If you choose to have money on account, we offer a bonus payment of an additional 5% for each $1000.00 or more in check or cash prior to incurring of costs.

Bonus is for 39N instruction or rental only and is non-refundable.  It is applied after customer payments are depleted.  If charges are incurred with insufficient funds on account and the credit card charged is not approved, you are authorizing us to suspend your schedule as well as training, until your account is made current.


Lesson Cancellation Policy:

We require that you give the Princeton Flying School a call at 609-921-3100 by 5pm on the day prior to your scheduled lesson in the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your lesson. This allows for other student pilots to be scheduled into that time slot. If you miss a lesson without contacting us within the required time, this is considered a missed lesson. A fee of $50.00 will be charged to you.

We strive to give the best flight training in the area to you and the rest of our student pilots. In an attempt to be consistent, our Lesson Cancellation Policy that allows us to schedule lessons for all student pilots and those wanting recurrent training. When a lesson is scheduled, that time has been set aside for you for the instructor and the plane.  When it is missed, that time cannot be used for any other pilot or student pilot.

Instruction charge starts at the scheduled time, which will include late/tardy attendance.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please let us know and we will be glad to clarify any questions you have.