Princeton Airport Newsletter – April 2020

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How quickly our lives have been turned upside down. 

We started March with much optimism with the hopes of celebrating 35 years since the Nierenbergs purchased Princeton Airport.  We survived the challenges when we bought the airport when nobody wanted us to fly over their homes.  We survived that litigation; the recession; 9/11; Hurricane Sandy, and we will survive this latest challenge.  We’re not alone as everyone is touch by this. 
Putting the words together for a coherent newsletter is a challenge and many thanks to Peter Rafle, Ken Greenberg, and anyone else who helped me put this newsletter together.
Since we’re home for extended period, why not listen to our Airport Podcasts which give you incite into some of the folks at 39N.
Stay safe, keep distancing, and be well.
Although the airport is open 24/7, because of the restrictions and skeleton crew, we are not manning the phones.  So if you need anything, please call, email or text the following:
Ken Nierenberg:  609-731-4628;
Steve Nierenberg 215-200-2843;
Fuel is available, as are limited services.  The maintenance shop is working with social distancing.
We’re trying our best to keep everything in compliance.
Dear pilots:  A suggestion to get through these troubling times and have a little fun.  Remember that FUN!!!
As you know, pilots need to keep their  aviation skills current.  Here at the Princeton Flying School,you can rent a plane and you can keep the 90 day currency.  Call us up and we will have the plane ready for you to fly.  We will clean the plane before and after each and every flight.  You can even keep your night currency.   If you want to just fly a bit and look around, you will find it very interesting out there.
To schedule the planes if no one answers the phone contact Steve 215-200-2843 or Ken 609-731-4628


From March 31, 2020 to June 30, 2020, the FAA will not take legal enforcement action against any person serving as a required pilot flight crew member or flight engineer who holds a medical certificate that expires within this time period,  This action allows medical resources (such as doctors appointed by the FAA as Aviation Medical Examiners) to be utilized where they are needed the most during this unprecedented situation, as well as lowers the risk of transmission of the virus during these aviation medical examinations that would otherwise take place.  With this action, the FAA is exercising our enforcement discretion while still maintaining the highest levels of aviation safety in the National Airspace System.
The May 21st Chart Date will have the update for the LPV approach.  Thanks for the persistence on our end as well as help from Larry Tatsch.
This link takes you to the plate, which will be published in May:
This is a courtesy notification that an update has been made to the RNAV (GPS) RWY 10 AMDT 2 for 39N, PRINCETON/ROCKY HILL, NJ – AMEND – has been updated to Estimated Chart Date: 05/21/2020.
Additionally, our night approach for Runway 10 will be restored as the FAA is checking it soon.
April, 2020
   1st:  April Fool’s Day
5th:  Palm Sunday
8th:  1st Night of Passover
10th:  Good Friday
12th:  Easter
All regularly scheduled events at the airport will be on hold until further notice.
From The Right Seat
Peter Rafle, Chief Pilot 
Here I sit in my house, safe and well, thinking about airplanes and flying. Hard to keep 6 feet of distance in a Cessna, or the Stinson. I am sure that each of you are also sheltering in place, keeping the social distancing that is so necessary today. So, I thought I would offer some movie viewing ideas to help divert you from worrying about Covid 19.
Here is my list of favorite movies about airplanes and the people who fly them.  I hope a few of them will prompt you to look for them wherever you download or stream movies.
My all-time favorite is Space Cowboys starring Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, James Garner, and Donald Sutherland. They are a bunch of former astronauts who volunteer to save an old space station and regain some of their lost glory. A Must see!



NEWS from the
The March dinner meeting was held at Ya-Ya Noodles for the purpose of the future of Princeton Airport’s Flying Tigers.  Although it’s been floundering for a while, there’s still support of the idea of pilots gathering together for interesting discussions, fly-ins, and food.  The Pilot’s Club was started for this purpose years ago.
After much discussion, we are delighted to report that Don Denny will be the president of the club for the next two years.  Ben Gadzowicz has been called back into serving again as vice-president; Josh Koslov will be secretary and Ernie Schirmer will be treasure.
So with a full compliment of officers, it is expected that many of you will want to join the club and share your aviation experiences.
PAFT Mini-Fl-Ins:
As expected the group discontinued group flying for breakfast due to the guidelines set to control COVID-19.  We hope we will all be back flying together soon. We encourage all to follow guidelines and fly safely.
If you’re interested in these fly-in, please contact Ben: You can become one of these “good” statistics.
Bill Ducharme on Princeton Flying School Podcast #10

In the latest episode of our podcast, Pete Rafle sat down with Bill Ducharme, born in 1930 and now quite possibly New Jersey’s oldest certified active private pilot.
Pete and Bill discussed a wide range of aviation topics and shared stories regarding Bill’s early flight training, his experiences here at Princeton Airport, his love of Cessna airplanes, particularly the 152s, and his continued love of aviation all the way into his 90s. This episode is an enjoyable trip down memory lane.
The Princeton Flying School Podcasts are recorded at the Princeton Airport and are produced by HG Media. You can hear our podcasts on our website as well as on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg
8:00 am – noon
Walk-ins ’til 11:30
For appointments:  609-921-3100
Schedule: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.
You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.
1965 Piper Comanche 260
Total Time1150
Fresh Annual
Just Installed Garmin GDL 82 ADSB
Complete Logs
Dual Mark 12D Nav-coms
King TransCentury
2 Auto-pilot INsight
Engine Monitoring
System Ready to Fly
Asking $57,900
Contact Ken Nierenberg at 609-731-4628 for details
We will have a few openings soon.  Contact Ken – 609-731-4628
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