Princeton Airport News – December 2018

As we come to the end of 2018, we have experienced it all – good and very bad weather.  Flying cancelled because of weather and the president.   Very hot, very cold, very wet, and so forth.  But we made it.
Most notable is the interior of the administration building which got a major do-over.  The inconvenience was worth the final change.
Looking ahead, the rest of the parts for the new lighting system should arrive and be installed soon.
Happy Holidays and safe flying.


Thanks to the Boy Scout Troop #46,
Princeton Airport is in the holiday mode.
     43 years ago, when we based at 47N, the idea of Santa flying in for the children seemed to be a good idea.  We had a volunteer for Santa and so began this tradition.  So a Santa suit was purchased and Santa arrived safely.  No gifts, just Santa.
     As time passed, we added that Santa would bring in wrapped gifts (parents brought ahead of time) and distribute then. Soon we added the requirement of something for the needy, and ever since, this event has grown and gets better every years as we continue to improve the event.  Off course, in ’85 we brought the tradition to 39N.
     Over the years, Santa has flown into the airport in whatever was in inventory, including Cessnas 172s, new and old, Cirrus, Pilatus, Super Decathon, Bonanzas, Saratoga, Cessna 310, and Helio Courier.  When the weather prevented flying into the airport in an airplane, we called upon the helicopters to help us – so Santa arrived in Robinson 44 and a Bell jet Ranger.  But Santa never disappointed.  What Santa flies this year remains a mystery, but SANTA ALWAYS FLIES INTO 39N.
     On Monday, December 24th at 11:00 a.m. Santa (a.k.a Airport Manager, Ken Nierenberg) will fly into the airport with gifts for area children. To participate you must bring a wrapped gift for you child or children with the name in large print. (Gifts should not exceed 12 inches. If you have more than one gift, tie them together so Santa can distribute them them together.)
     You must also bring an equal number of unwrapped gifts for NEEDY children. In the lobby there will be two chimneys to receive the respective gifts.  The gifts for the needy will go to Mercer County Board of Social Services for distribution in time for Christmas.  (We’re their largest donor, so please help.)  We will also accept checks for The Foodbank of Somerset County, as well a food donations that we’ll get to an area foodbank.
     Get your gifts in early, as Santa dispenses them in the order we receive them. (Collection started Nov. 23rd.)
    So, 39N patrons – how can you help? Santa needs lots of elves to make sure that everything goes smoothly and safely. We get hundreds of kids and their respective families, so it’s a very large crowd.
     To insure safety, we’ll need people inside and out, while everyone arrives. We serve cocoa and cookies while Pat McKinley entertains the children with holiday songs. Chris Maslanka provides music and the sound system, and Janice’s Weddings provides the winter wonderland setting.
     Once Santa arrives by plane, we have to make sure there is smooth path for him into the hangar.  Call of signup at the front desk. We start at 9:30 am and need help to break down afterwards.  All hands are welcome.
FAA Medical Doctor Michael Noskobronze-medicine-symbol.jpg

December 1st, 2018
8:00 am – noon

Walk-ins ’til 11:30
For appointments:  609-921-3100

1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.

You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment.
No walk-in without a confirmation number.
1969 V35A Bonanza
975 Since Factory Reman
Freash Annual with Sale
Garmin GNS530 with WAAS
Garmin 340 Audio Panel
Garmin SL30
NEW Garmin 345  Trans with ADSB in and out
Centry 2000 Auto Pilot
Complete Logs
Large Baggage Door
3 Blade Prop
DeShannon Tip Tanks
Very clean exterior
Asking $86,900
Contact Ken Nierenberg at 609-731-4628 for details

Elliot Krauss completed his Cirrus Advanced Transition Training in an Avidyne SR22. His instructor was Jeff Slutsky.


Bo Hu/CFII Steve Hansell
Boyang Yu/CFII Steve Hansell

Wesley Chin/CFII

 David Dilauro

Welcome, Peter Renzulli and Mirage.
From the Right Seat – Instructor Emeritus Peter Rafle
Each of us has been drawn to aviation by very personal and unique motivations. Some have an engineering driven interest in how things work and all that entails. Others are drawn to flight by the sense of freedom and adventure of flight and the views of earth from above. And still others want to be in control of a machine and want to master the skills needed in the many operations of flight.   Some of us enjoy flying and have a have a keen interest in the history of aviation.
There are also other ways to enjoy airplanes and aviation besides sitting in the cockpit. I know many pilots who accumulate books about aviation history, airplanes, and biographies of famous pilots. There are pilots who collect aviation themed stamps and air mail stamps issued by the U.S. or sourced world- wide. There are also a nearly limitless number of postcards, baggage tags, matchbooks, and photos featuring airplanes and terminals of destination cities to put in albums or to stuff in boxes.

Make sure that your aircraft has the correct oil appropriate for winter weather.  If you have a question, ask Ken for advice.
Also, in case we have snow – and you are planning to fly, please contact Steve for help to get your airplane airborne.  If you are not flying, we will get to your airplane as we continue snow removal, unless you need it sooner. Thanks.


Donate to the needy – clothes, books, games, toys.

Donate:  Food for the Needy

Help on the 24th of December, when we gather in the hangar for Santa to fly in.  We need help setting up, serving cookies and cocoa, monitoring to make sure everyone stays safe and off airplanes, etc.  We need help with crowd control, and making sure that no one charges as Santa arrives.

Tell the flight coordinator that you’ll be there or do it through the Pilots Club website:  www,



Welcome two new flight coordinators, Tim Podgalsky, left and Saad Sheikh, right.  They will greet you as you enter the admin-istration building.

Additionally, we welcome CFI Sal Parsi as a flight instructor.  Sal has been flying with us for years, earning his licenses.  We’re delighted to see him on the other side of the counter, joining our staff of instructors.


Countdown 13 MONTHS left to FAA Deadline
ADBS Solution is in stock.  Install the New GDL 82 which complies with the 2020 FAA Mandate for ADSB out for prices starting at $2495 installed.  See or talk to Ken


New ADSB coming out soon.  Starting at $2900 installed.
It has many new features included.
Receiver required.
We have lots of used equipment available for installation.  See Ken.


  1st:  FAA Medical Doctor 8:00 – noon
 2nd:  1st night of Chanukah
16th:  Last day to bring gifts for Santa and the needy.
21st:  Winter begins.
24th:  Santa flies into 39N at 11:00 am
Fall behind (clocks go back)
25th:  Merry Christmas (closed -self-serve available)
26th:  Happy Kwanzaa
31st:  New Years Eve – Happy New Year

NEWS from the
Happy holidays from the Pilots Club to all of you.  Please join us for the New Year and enjoy talking”aviation” to fellow pilots.  We’ll post our January Meeting next month.
Guests are always welcome at PAFT events and dinners. For more information, visit


As you probably are aware, the pilot shortage of the airlines filters down to the local level through the flight schools, charters, etc.  At the same time there is more interest in becoming a professional pilot, which we all know is costly.  Pilot Finance, Inc, does provide financing for flight training.  For information contact .
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