Preflight Inspection & Traffic Pattern Webinar by CFI Wesley Chin

Preflight Inspection and Traffic Patterns

In this Princeton Flying School webinar, CFI Wesley Chin covers Preflight Inspection and Traffic Pattern topics, including:

  • Documents that must be onboard the aircraft (ARROW) and where to find them
  • Performing a detailed preflight inspection on a Cessna 172R to make sure your aircraft is in a safe condition for operation
  • Traffic Pattern basics, including why we have traffic patterns and operating in the pattern at towered or non-towered airports
  • How to fly Traffic Patterns at Princeton Airport (39N) with specific airspeeds for the Cessna 172R to help you perfect your patterns and landings
  • Radio communications and example calls in the pattern to help broadcast your intentions to other pilots
  • How to properly enter and depart the traffic pattern to ensure maximum safety for all pilots

Wesley's Google Slides Presentations and other resources:

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Wesley Chin, CFI, Princeton Flying School

Wesley Chin obtained his Certified Flying Certificate at the Princeton Flying School this past fall.  When he is not teaching students to fly, he is finishing his degree in Finance.

41 Airpark Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540 (609) 921-3100

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