National Airspace System Webinar with Wesley Chin & Nate Kijpatanasilp

National Airspace System and Passenger Briefing

In this Princeton Flying School webinar, CFI Wesley Chin and CFI Nate Kijpatanasilp cover National Airspace System and Passenger Briefing topics, including:

  • Operating rules, certification, and equipment requirements for the different classes of airspace to make sure you can safely operate in each class
  • VFR Weather Minimums for each class of airspace
  • Types of special-use airspace and how to figure out where they are located/when they are active
  • Other airspace areas, including TFRs – make sure you check for those before flying!
  • Conducting a proper passenger briefing to ensure your passengers feel safe and comfortable with you at the controls

    Wesley's Google Slides Presentations and other resources:

    If you missed previous webinars by Wes, they posted on our PFS website:

Wesley Chin, CFI, Princeton Flying School

Wesley Chin obtained his Certified Flying Certificate at the Princeton Flying School this past fall.  When he is not teaching students to fly, he is finishing his degree in Finance.

Nate Kijpatanasilp, CFI, Princeton Flying School

Nate Kijpatanasilp is a homegrown aviator and has been flying at Princeton Airport since 2011. In addition to being a Certified Flight Instructor and an Advanced Ground Instructor, he is also endorsed to fly High Performance and Taildragger aircraft. Nate has flown a variety of the taildraggers from a J-3 Piper Cub to an aerobatic American Champion Decathlon. He looks forward to taking you to a grass strip on a tailwheel aircraft!