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June, 2012
Lights: 123.05
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Wright Brothers Award
In Memoriam
Safety Corner
Preflight-The Right Way
Princeton resident flies on 80th
Zero Visits 39N
Safety Seminar
Meet ‘N Greet
Online Scheduling

Calendar of Events
June, 2012

2nd: Meet ‘n Greet 10:00-noon
FAA Medical Doctor
8:00 – noon
Walk-ins ’til 11:30

         Appointments: 609-921-
10th:  PAFT Fly In

16th:  Flag Day 

17th:  Fathers Day
20th:  1st day of Summer
25th:  Safety Seminar 7:00 pm



Bonnie Funiciello /John Bastan
Andrew Collie/John Bastan
Private Pilots:
Gary Hager
Instrument Pilot:
Eli Litvak/Brian O’Donnell



1966 PIPER PA-28-180
N9617T SN 28-3771




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Summer is a special time for pilots, as the warm weather and long days allow more time for flying.  We hope you have the opportunity to take advantage of this.  Don’t forget to check for birds’ nests.  They are very busy building their homes.
The big project for the replacement of the fuel farm will begin when the DOT finishes the paperwork.  There shouldn’t be any disruption of services.
All sorts of interesting things go on while you are at work.  It’s always a different day with new happenings.
Safe flying.

Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award
“I am convinced that human flight is both possible and practical.”
Wilbur Wright, 1899

Dick Nierenberg receives awardLast month we gathered as Princeton Airport’s co-owner, Dick Nierenberg, received a plaque from Gene McCoy, Chief of Allentown FSDO, to honor Dick’s over 50 years as a pilot.

Those who came had some funny stories to share, and some commentary about how Dick would be at the airport ready to fuel in zero degree wheather for a 6:00 am departure, and even a “hand prop” if necessary.

During the ceremony, Tim Coyne, lineman from 1983-88 called from Rome, advising us the an email would arrive.  Tim is now a captain with Netjet, Europe.  His letter gives a great window into the early days of Dick’s hands on efforts to build an airport.

Read Tim’s letter

In Memory of

Dear friend, loving wife, avid pilot, nurse, grandma, and much more.

Deirdra Marsh  

who passed away Sunday, May 20th after a long illness.
De has been flying with us since our days at Kupper Airport.  She and her husband
Arthur were charter members of the Princeton Airport Flying Tigers.
We will miss her wonderful sense of humor and her intelligent wit.


Read “Why I Fly” by Deidre Marsh

The Safety Corner

Assistant Chief Pilot Pete A. Rafle


Instrument currency and the IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check)


Recently, the FAA clarified the requirements for maintaining IFR currency in Notice number NOTC3489. The FAA issued a technical correction to section 61.57(d) on December 16, 2011 to clarify the meaning of the regulation. Although certain exceptions apply, a pilot may reestablish instrument currency that has lapsed for more than 6 months only by obtaining an IPC.

FAR section 61.57 (c), Instrument experience, states,” no person may act as the pilot in command under IFR or in weather conditions less than minimums prescribed for VFR, unless within the preceding 6 calendar months, that person has:

(1) For the purpose of obtaining instrument experience in an aircraft (other than a glider), performed and logged under actual or simulated instrument conditions, either in flight in the appropriate category of aircraft for the instrument privileges sought or in a flight simulator or flight training device that is representative of the aircraft category for the instrument privileges sought –

(i) At least six instrument approaches

(ii) Holding procedures; and

(iii) Intercepting and tracking courses through use of navigation systems”

Continue Reading

Preflight – The Right Way (Sec. 91.103)
by Chief Pilot John Bastan


Preflight action.

Each pilot in command shall, before beginning a flight, become familiar with all available information concerning that flight. This information must include–
(a) For a flight under IFR or a flight not in the vicinity of an airport, weather reports and forecasts, fuel requirements, alternatives available if the planned flight cannot be completed, and any known traffic delays of which the pilot in command has been advised by ATC;
(b) For any flight, runway lengths at airports of intended use, and the following takeoff and landing distance information:
(1) For civil aircraft for which an approved Airplane or Rotorcraft Flight Manual containing takeoff and landing distance data is required, the takeoff and landing distance data contained therein; and
(2) For civil aircraft other than those specified in paragraph (b)(1) of this section, other reliable information appropriate to the aircraft, relating to aircraft performance under expected values of airport elevation and runway slope, aircraft gross weight, and wind and temperature.

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Flying Lesson 1 - Click The Picture

Princeton Airport is updating our FACEBOOK pages. Please join us and share your flying moments.  It is growing daily, and we hope you will part of our community.

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Princeton Resident takes
Introductory Flying Lesson
on her 80th birthday!

 Margaret Page flies with Deandre Robinson,
May 26,   2012. This is part of her celebration
of her 80th birthday.

 Happy Birthday Margaret!

Zero Replica 

One overcast day, we had this visitor who got weathered in at 39N.  It sure didn’t sound like a Cessna.
This replica of a Japanese  WWII Zero is making its way around the coutry for air shows.  It was certainly a diversion..

Monday, June 25, 2012

7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

“Aviation Weather Reports”
Chief Pilot: John Bastan

Princeton Airport Flying TigersBagel and Coffee 10:00 – noon
Coffee & Bagels

                sponsoring the
               Meet ‘N Greet

Saturday, June 2,  2012

Join pilot, new and long time, as well as students to do some real hangar flying.  With coffee and bagels, the stories really are interesting.  Bring a friend and enjoy.


Attention Students & Airplane Renters – if you haven’t sign up to schedule online, we recommend that you do so immediately.  It’s very easy. 


For more information and Registration 

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The May PAFT dinner at KTTN was attended by 20 Members. The May PAFT fly-in on 5/20/12 to KMQS, Chester Co. PA was attended by 12 people in 7 planes.

The next fly-in is June 10th to Saratoga, NY (5B2) & the next dinner will be Sept. 12th, (restuarant TBD). Please visit our website for fly-in & other club details visit www.PAFT_nj.org to sign up for club events & details.

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