Holiday Gift Ideas from Princeton Airport!

june-newsletterFrequently, we know someone who has expressed a desire to learn to fly, but we don’t know how or what to get them. Here are some gift ideas, ranging from inexpensive to very special gifts. We can tailor a gift to your pocketbook. Check out the ideas below, and if you still don’t find something that fits, call us at 609-921-3100 or e-mail us at

1. Introductory Flying Lesson: $199.00
Check this page for the first step into the aviation world.

2. For the Person Ready for Flight School: When you know the recipient really wants to fly, you can buy him/her the Ground School Package, which includes all of the necessary materials for the knowledge portion of the training. Ultimately, the person will take the FAA Knowledge Test on a computer. (This is a requirement.) These books and other training materials come in a black flight bag. We can put this package in a box and wrap it in expired aeronautical charts. $350.00.
(If the person does not really want to start flight training, we will refund the money within 30 days.).

3. Combination: You can give the Ground School Package and an Introductory Flying Lesson for a wonderful start into aviation.

4. Youth Training Pilot Program: Developed for the child who loves aviation and is of middle school age and takes her/him to the solos stage of the full curriculum. Youth Ground School Package – $119.95. Lessons in the airplane are not included.

5. Whether the person receiving the gift is a current student or a new one, you can give a Gift Certificate in any amount. We will credit their account immediately after the holidays. for prepayment. Keep in mind that Raritan Valley Flying School offers a prepayment bonus as follows:
A. Prepay $1000 via cash, check or debit card- yield a 6% bonus.
B. Prepay $1000 via credit card – yield an 3% bonus.

Prepayments are refundable upon request – the bonus is not earned.


$199 Introductory Flying Lesson at Princeton Flying School

The student will fly for one hour – We recommend this Princeton Flying School lesson for those who are considering flight training because the┬átime in the air will count toward the required hours when the person pursues his/her Private Pilot’s license. However, there is no obligation when you take an Introductory Lesson.

Introductory Flying Lesson - Learn to Fly Today!