Flying Tigers

princeton-flying-tigersFor years pilots would gather on Sunday morning by the fence and talk about where they wished to fly for breakfast.  By the time a decision was made, it was lunch time and seldom did they accomplish their mission.In 1994 Lou Guazzelli and Steve Anasiewicz decided to hold an organization meeting and many pilots came.  The goal was simple – to have fun.  The first fly in was to Maryland – 51 people in 26 airplanes, ranging from a Cessna 150 to a Baron.  The pilots and their friends enjoyed lunch at the Tidewater Inn.  Even the controllers were wondering what was going on when one after the other called in.Over the years membership has varied, but the members always have fun.  Membership is only $25 a year, which pays for the newsletter and other incidentals.Every year at a membership meeting a list of places is set for the monthly fly-ins.  The pilots go in VFR weather only, so cancellations frequently occur.   In addition to the fly-ins, PAFT holds a dinner meeting on alternate months for the members, when there will frequently be a speaker.

Each December the members help Princeton Airport with its annual Santa Fly-In with setting up the hangar, crowd control and serving cookies and cocoa.  They make that day special for area children and their families.In July PAFT host a wonderful pot-luck bar-b-que with great food, great people, and lots of “hangar flying”.The club has wonderful jackets, shirts, and caps with its logo – contact Steve for these items.For further information regarding Princeton Airport’s Flying Tigers, check and join in on the fun.

Princeton Airport’S Flying Tigers 

Ernest Schirmer

Ben Gazdowicz

Jeanette Voight & Cynthia Gilbert