Location, Directions & Contact Information

Princeton Flying School General Information

41 Airpark Road
Princeton, NJ 08540


By Air:
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Airport Aerial Picture taken 2008 by Photographer Dick Costello

Princeton (Rocky Hill)
Identifier: 39N
Location: 3 miles north of town
Time Conversion: UTC-5(-4DT)
Geographic Position of Airport:
N40°23.90' W74°39.46'
Charts: New York Sectional. L-24H, L-28G
Elevation: 125'
Rotating Beacon: Yes
Servicing: Major & Minor Powerplant
Fuel: 100LL, Jet A with Prist
(Rapid Refueling)
Traffic Pattern Altitude: 1200 (1075)
Runway 10-28: H3500x75 (Asphalt), MIRL
Runway 28: PAPI, Thld dspld 299', Pole.
Airport Remarks: Attended 1300-dusk. No
student touch-go flight activities Rwy 10-28.
no turns until 900 ft. and Cherry Hill Rd.
Noise sensitive areas over town of Rocky Hill
to final approach Runway 28 and departure
end of Runway 28 to Montgomery Township.
Radio Aids to Navigation: NOTAM FILE MIV
Solberg (L) DME/VOR 112.9 SBJ
N40° 34.98' W74° 44.51' 171° 11.7 NM to fld.
190/10W HIWAS

Communications: CTAF/Unicom 122.725
Pilot Controlled Lights: 123.05
Flight Service: Millville Flight Service Station (MIV) 1-800-WX BRIEF NOTAM
® New York Approach/Dep Control 132.8


Runway 28-10 Completed 2001

Note: Princeton Airport is located in a noise sensitive area. Anyone wishing to operate a TURBOJET powered fixed wing aircraft and land at Princeton Airport is, for safety and noise abatement reasons, requested to contact the airport management at 609-921-3100.



By Ground...

41 Airpark Road, Princeton, NJ 08540

From Northeast NJ
Take New Jersey Turnpike, Exit #9 to Route 18 North (New Brunswick).
Go 1/2 miles to Route 1 South (toward Trenton).
Proceed 9.1 miles to New Road. After large water tower on left there will be a large green highway sign on right.
Turn right on New Road - Go 1.9 miles to first traffic light.
Turn left to Route 27 - Go .7 miles to first traffic light.
Turn Right to Route 518 (Washington Rd.). Go 3.9 miles to 2nd light.
Turn Left to Route 206.
1/2 mile on right is Airpark Road. Turn right and go straight to the orange awning.

From Staten Island
Take Route 440 North to the Outerbridge, On the New Jersey side it goes into Interstate 287. Exit Route 1 South. Go about 14+ miles.
Turn right on New Road - Go 1.9 miles to first traffic light.
Turn left to Route 27 - Go .7 miles to first traffic light.
Turn Right to Route 518 (Washington Rd.). Go 3.9 miles to 2nd light.
Turn Left to Route 206.
1/2 mile on right is the airport. Turn right onto Airpark Road and proceed to orange awning.

From Northwest NJ
Get to Route 206 and continue South. The airport is approximately 15 miles south of the Somerville Circle on the right hand side.

From Pennsylvania
Take I-95 (becomes 295) to New Jersey. Exit Route 206 North. Go 10 miles. Hint: As you approach the town of Princeton, Route 206 makes a sharp left hand turn. Stay with it. There will be car dealerships on the right. The airport will be on the left at the traffic light onto Airpark Road.

From Western NJ
Take Route 518 until it meets Route 206. (Gas station, Wa Wa, and bank on corners). Turn right on Route 206. Go 1/2 mile. Airport on right. Go right on Airpark Road to orange awning.

From Eastern NJ
Take Route 571 into Princeton-road ends. Turn right on Nassau Street (Route 27). Go 4 blocks on right. Left has more. Turn left on Harrison Street. (traffic light). Continue all the way to Route 206 (past the Princeton Shopping Center). Road is very windy. Turn right on Route 206. Go about two miles. Airport will be on left on Airpark Road.

Unfortunately Princeton Airport is not near major forms of mass transportation. But there is service in the region. For schedules of buses and trains, check www.newjerseytransit.com.

Bus: New Jersey Transit Bus # 605
Stops on Route 206 in front of the airport (1/2mile). This bus can be taken from various stops in the town of Princeton.

From New York:
New Jersey Transit has buses leaving the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City frequently. This bus will take you into downtown Princeton from where you can either take a bus or taxi.

Rail: New Jersey trains leave Pennsylvania Station in New York City regularly and take you to Princeton Junction. From there you take a one car train called the "Dinky" into Princeton. There are taxis
available to take you to the airport.

Taxi Service: On Nassau Street in Princeton taxis line up by a phone booth. When the phone rings the next taxi takes the call and is dispatched. You can also make arrangement prior to flying into
Princeton Airport by calling 609-921-3100.

Rental Cars: 2005 welcome Avis Rental Cars on the premises to save travelers time.
Call 609-924-4100

Because Princeton Airport is about an hour by ground to New York City and about 40 minutes to Newark International Airport, pilots are finding the airport a great destination for further travel or area meetings and touring. With the above services this should be a viable alternative to the congested northern airports.