Col. John “Skip” Rawson on Princeton Flying School Podcast #5

Welcome to the Princeton Flying School Podcast with Pete Rafle, Princeton Flying School Instructor Emeritus. In this episode Pete sat down with Col. John ‘Skip’ Rawson, aviator, businessman, and one of the colorful characters here at the Princeton Airport. Skip began flying in Cubs at the age of 14. He later flew B 47’s and Constellations in the Air Force. Skip has also flown many types of airplanes as a charter pilot. He is a member of the Tora! Tora! Confederate Air Force flight demonstration team flying Japanese Zero replicas. We trust you will enjoy our podcast with Pete Rafle and Skip Rawson.

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Japanese Zero replicas in flight

Constellation in flight

Boeing B 47 in flight

Ryan PT22 in flight

Piper Cub