August 2012 Princeton Airport Newsletter


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August, 2012
Lights: 123.05
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In This Issue
Pilot’s Bill of RIghts
Principles of Flight
Pinchhitters Course
Flight School Dream
Meet ‘N Greet
Safety Corner
Apartment Built Plane
Safety Seminar
Summer Tours
Newhouse Update
Green Mobility Show
News from CAP

Calendar of Events
August, 2012 

4th:  Meet ‘n Greet 10:00-noon
Coffee & bagels

19th:  PAFT Fly In -Block Island
17th:  Safety Seminar
Tuesday 10:30 – Free airport



Kevin Colman/Steve Hansell
Nathaniel Palus/John Bastan

Nick Rapitis/Deandre

Nick Rapitis/Deandre Robinson

Private Pilot:


Beech Sierra

1977 Beech C24R

TT:  4375
Engine Time:  975 SMOH
Prop Time:  975 -new 3 blade
Fresh Annual
Much more.   


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Below you have a variety of news – some fun, some more serious.  But all of it is informative.


With all of the disturbing news, we got some good news from DC regarding a long awaited “Pilot’s Bill of Rights”.  Hopefully you won’t need it, but you will be better prepared. 


And after almost one year of the Centennial events, we have heard from Bob and Hayden Newhouse and what they have been up to.


We have seen some violent weather this summer and we will take every precaution to protect the airport and airplanes on it.  You must make sure that you are also prepared, lest some of the winds come barreling through.


Enjoy August and the rest of the summer.

Good News!
Pilot’s Bill of Rights
For years pilots who were accused of a violation of the FARs were treated as “presumed quilty” rather than the standard practice for U.S. citizens in other aspects of life.  Congress has just past, and President Obama has signed a “Pilot’s Bill of RIghts” which provides the accused to have access to information i.e., NTSB reports, ATC recordings, etc.

Principles of Flight
by Chief Pilot John Bastan


VFR Cross-Country Checklist

1. Charts: Check Currency & Locate the following

        a.    Departure Airport

        b.    Enroute (Course change checkpoints, Obstructions & Special use airspace)

        c.    Destination & Alternate Airport(s) (Include enroute emergency landing sites)

        d.    True Course Line(s) — Draw and Measure distance (NM) between checkpoints
2. Weather: Departure, Enroute, Arrival & WX Reporting Stations, NOTAM & FIF
3. Route: Consider WX, Alternate Requirements, & Preferred VFR Routes (A/FD)
4. Altitude: Initial Cruise Altitude
5. Performance: Calculate Aircraft Climb, Cruise, Descent and Weight & Balance
6. Preflight Log: Complete
7. FAA Flight Plan: Complete and File (1-800-WX-BRIEF)
8. Navigation Flight Log: Enter Pertinent Information 

Pinchhitter Class 

 Pinchhitters Course

Once again Assistant Chief Pilot, Peter Rafle, taught the pinchhitter class to eight willing co-pilots. According to Pete, they were excellent students and should be great help when flying in the right seat. Well done.

Empty Ramp A Flight School’s Dream


This is the east ramp on a beautiful summer afternoon – everyone was in the air, and so was our fleet.  It appears that only two airplanes were tied down.  We don’t often get such a stunning day, but surely those who took advantage of the weather had a wonderful flight.

Princeton Airport Flying TigersBagel and Coffee
sponsoring the
               Meet ‘N Greet
                with coffee & bagels

Saturday, August 4,  2012 -10:00 – noon

Summer brings fond memories of trips by airplane.  Share your experiences with others who will understand the intricacies of dealing with the strange weather this summer.  Bring a friend and enjoy.

The Safety Corner

Assistant Chief Pilot Pete A. Rafle


Get There-ite-is


You are on a long cross country. You notice that the weather you are in is very different from what was forecast. You call Flight Watch, but the information they give doesn’t agree with what you are seeing. You give a pilot report, but what do you DO next? Continue or land, where it is still VFR and get a thorough briefing and consider your options. Once on the ground ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I really have to get back home today or in the next (fill in the blank) hours?
  2. Can I complete the flight safely in the weather I can now expect along my route?
  3. What alternates can I fly to safely and be closer to home or my destination?
  4. Is there plenty of room on my credit card for fuel and lodging, and possibly a rental car?
  5. Am I putting safety first?
  6. Ask the FBO for the name of the nearest motel and best restaurant in town. 

Fly safe, live longer, have fun flying

Building Your Own AirplaneVlad
Many of us know people who have built their own plane in their garages, in hangars, or in a basements.  But Vlad Karpayev built his RV 9A in an apartment in Brooklyn.  At right is Vlad  with his plane at First Flight – how appropriate.
His interesting story was featured in EAA Sport Aviation.
Read it – it’s really interesting.



Chief Pilot: John Bastan

  Topic: Private Pilot FARs
 Let John help you understand the FARs.
Date: Monday, August 27, ’12
7:00 – 10:00 pm

On good weather days the public has been entertained by Steve Nierenberg and Chris Almonte who enlightened young and old about 39N on Tuesday mornings during the free Airport Tours. This will continue during the month of of August.  This is also a positive way for the public to understand why we need airports.
Date:  Every Tuesday (weather permitting)
Time:  10:30 am
Cost:  Free
So spread the word – every parent looks for things to do with children (of all ages).  We welcome them to Princeton Airport.

News from the Newhouse Family 

Last year at this time we were working day and night to assure an appropriate celebration of the 100th anniversary of Princeton Airport.  It was a rousing success, culminating with the Centennial Open House in September.


One highlight was to meet Robert Newhouse and his son, Hayden, grandson and great-grandson of RIchard A. Newhouse, airport founder.  Many of the rest of the family were able to attend our “Meet the Newhouses” last June.  Robert and Hayden planned to fly out in a 1931 Brunnerwinkle Bird.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate and a hard landing cut the trip short.


Hayden was the catalyst for the Centennial, as he emailed us when he was 14, and introduced himself.  From that point we were able to make contact with other Newhouses and the celebration plans flurished. 


Additionally Hayden was planning to continue the Newhouse tradition on soloing on their 16th birthday on January 29, ’12, and so he did.  He became the 3rd generation of Newhouses to do so. 


 Father, Robert, was asked
to test fly Ann Morrow Lindbergh’s Brunnerwinkle
N797Y (see pictures).  It hadn’t been flown in over 50 years, and Bob successfully flew it in Kent Moor Air Park, MD.

Green Mobility Show
Collaborating with area 4-H clubs to support science educational activities at the show.
Saturday, September 29, 2012
(Rain Date – Saturday, October 6, 2012)
11am – 5pm
Princeton Airport
41 Airpark Road – Princeton NJ
For more information:

News from the
Princeton Airport Flying Tigers
39N Logo

The July 15, fly-in to Newport R.I. was cancelled due to poor weather, but the sky cooperated for the July 22 picnic.  About 30 members attended and a good time was had by all – why not?!?  Good food, nice friends, aviation and great hosts.


PAFT will host the next meet n Greet @ 39N on Saturday August 4th & the next fly-in will be on Sunday August 19 to Block Island. Please visit our web page for more info on these events.

For more information about PAFT

 News from Civil Air Patrol

We have three Missions. Emergency Services – Cadet Programs – Aerospace Education.


There are regularly scheduled Squadron meetings each Tuesday from 6pm until 9pm.


For those interested in joining the Somerset Squadron at the Princeton Airport or learning more about CAP visit us at one of our meetings.  For information about the Civil Air Patrol go to or contact Major Paul at oJhn.Paul@NJWG.CAP.GOV

41 Airpark Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540 (609) 921-3100

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