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April, 2012
Lights: 123.05
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Master Pilot
New Chief Pilot
Brigadier General
Meet ‘N Greet
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April, 2012

Calendar of Events

  6th:  Good Friday
7th:  Meet ‘n Greet

1st night of Passover

15th:  PAFT Fly-In, Ocean
City, MD
 21st:     FAA Medical Doctor
8:00 am – noon

               For appointment
 30th:    Safety Seminar


Atray Dixit/Brian O’Donnell
Chris Germe/John Bastan

Welcome to 39N
Yoav Stern & your 2012 American Champion Decathlon.

1976 Grumman American Cheetah 

TT: 3650
Engine Time:  80 SMOH
by Mattituck

Excellent plane
Complete logs

 Contact: Ken Nierenberg


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We think it’s safe to say that we dodge winter, and we can all heave a big sigh of relief.
There is lots of good news below about all of the happenings in and around the airport.  We have improvements, activities, honors, famous people and more. Please read on to find lots of interesting information at your home base of aviation – 39N.

The Nierenbergs Accept Check from NJDOT
  Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli, Dick, Naomi, Ken and Commissioner James Simpson
On March 29, Commissioner of Transportation, James Simpson,  chose Princeton Airport to present a check for $2,151,961 to five NJ airports for improvements.  39N received $285,000 to replace its fuel farm which is over 20 years old.  Coincidentally, March 29 is the 27th anniversary that the Nierenbergs bought and moved into Princeton Airport.  What a nice anniversary present!

Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award
“I am convinced that human flight is both possible and practical.”
Wilbur Wright, 1899

The Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award recognizes pilots who have demonstrated professionalism, skill and aviation expertise by maintaining safe operations for 50 or more years.

You are invited to the presentation

by Gene McCoy, manager, and Bill  VanArtsdalen,
FAAST team manager, Allentown FSDO

our own, Dick Nierenberg,  who has been flying since 1953.

Saturday, May 12, 2012
Time:  1:00 pm
Place:  Maintenance Hangar
Short ceremony

Comments by friends
Hor’s de oeves and soft drinks

                                                Flight School Staff Changes

Good luck to former Chief Pilot Ryan Vinton, who will be heading west to fly charter.  Thank you for your efforts in behalf of your students and our school.

New Chief Pilot

Chief Pilot John BastanCFII John Bastan has been appointed chief pilot, effec-
tive immediately.  Many of you have John as
your instructor, or have flown with John for a prog-
ress check, so the transition will be smooth

and seamless.

Congratulations, John.

BRIGADIER GENERAL MICHAEL L. CUNNIFF  Brigadere General Michael Cunniff
Former RVFS Flight Instructor

Brigadier General Michael L. Cunniff is The Adjutant General of New Jersey. General Cunniff commands more than 9,000 Soldiers and Airmen of the New Jersey Army and Air National Guard. He directs, controls and manages the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs in the execution of federal and state missions. In addition, he manages all state veterans’ programs, commissions and facilities in New Jersey.


In the ’80s when we were at Kupper Airport, Mike worked with us as a new flight instructor right after graduating from NJIT.  He was well disciplined and devoted to his students.  From there he went into the military.

Congratulations Mike, who lives in Montgomery with his family.  We knew you when!


Princeton Airport Flying TigersBagel and Coffee
sponsoring the
               Meet ‘N Greet
Saturday, April 7, 
 10:00 – noon
Coffee & Bagels

 Marcaroons for those celebrating Passover

Join pilot, new and long time, as well as students to do some real hangar flying.  With coffee and bagels, the stories really are interesting.  Bring a friend and enjoy.


Raritan Valley Flying School has put scheduling online mid-March for your convenience. All you have to do is register and you will have access to our daily schedule.  Then you will see which airplanes and instructors are available to fit your schedule. Just call us at 609-921-3100 and we will add your flight to the schedule.


You will also get a 24 hour reminder of your scheduled flight via email or text – your choice.  This should save time you when you are decide to take a lesson, whether it is the standard lesson or cross country flight; or just rent a plane.


We hope you find this improvement to our system a benefit to you.  If you do not have internet access, you are always able to call our number.


For more information and Registration 

Monday, April 30th,
7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

“Cessna Systems & Equipment “
Chief Pilot:  John Bastan

Safety Corner

by Assistant Chief Pilot Peter Rafle 


When I listen to the radio transmissions made by pilots in the pattern and enroute, I sometimes wish that pilots would be more disciplined and thoughtful about what they say. I have a few examples of what I am talking about.


“Cessna 1234BE taking runway 28. Anybody on base or final acknowledge.”

First, before a pilot begins to taxi onto the runway, he must look to see if there is traffic on base or final. Taxiing out with an airplane on final could end up with an ugly mess on the pavement. Making someone go around because you did not look for traffic will not make you very popular at the airport. What if that particular aircraft had no radio? He can not acknowledge what he can not hear! The airplane on final has the right of way. What would happen if the engine stopped on short final, and you are on the real estate he/she needs?


Please read more. 

News from the                  39N Logo


     The March 14, 2012 dinner had the largest member attendance in recent memory & was a great success.
The March 18th fly-in to Ocean City, NJ was cancelled due to weather, and so was the alternate date.

     The April 15, fly-in will be to Ocean City, Md. (KOXB)
The next PAFT dinner will be held on May 9, 2012 at Trenton Airport in the Runway Restaurant.
Come to the 39N lounge on Sat. April 7, from 10 – 12:00 for coffee & bagels with fellow pilots.
Please visit www.paft_nj.org for details of these events 

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