Aircraft Rental Policy

Princeton Flying School Aircraft Rental Policy


  • All Pilots renting aircraft from Princeton Flying School (PFS) must have on file a completed Aircraft Insurance Form, signed Registered Student Payment and Lesson/Rental Cancellation Policy, a copy of their pilot license and a current credit card.



  • DAY VFR (Visual Flight Rules) – If renter/pilot has recorded less than 6 hours of PIC time in the previous 6 months, he/she must receive a full PFS Checkout.


  • NIGHT VFR – In addition to meeting the DAY VFR requirements, renter/pilot must have completed 3 take-offs and landings at night in the previous 90 days or receive a PFS night checkout.


  • STUDENT PILOTS- If student pilots have not flown solo (and received a solo endorsement) in the previous 30 days, he/she must receive an updated instructor endorsement prior to any solo flight.


  • INSTRUMENT RENTER– In order to fly IFR, renter must be IFR-current per FAA regulations. If renter is not IFR current, then filing and flying IFR is not allowed until the renter receives an instrument competency check.


  • AIRCRAFT RENTERS INSURANCE – Renter/pilot’s are encouraged to obtain their own aircraft rental policy. Rental rates are reduced $3/hr for those having and filing a policy with PFS.


  • FULL DAY RENTALS – DAILY MINIMUM CHARGES -Daily minimum charges are:

Week day:        3 hours

Weekend day:  4 hours