If you or someone you know is considering flight training, it is recommended that he/she starts by taking an Introductory Flying Lesson at Princeton Flying School.

The student will be escorted to an airplane by one of our FAA Certified Flight Instructors, where the Princeton Flying School instructor will demonstrate the pre-flight inspection of the airplane.

Next, the prospective student will sit in the left seat with the instructor in the right seat. All of our Princeton Flying School airplanes have dual controls.

Then, the instructor will talk the student through the take-off, flight and landing phases, with the student actually doing some of the flying!

$249 Introductory Flying Lesson at Princeton Flying School

The student will fly for one hour - We recommend this Princeton Flying School lesson for those who are considering flight training because the time in the air will count toward the required hours when the person pursues his/her Private Pilot's license. However, there is no obligation when you take an Introductory Lesson.


Princeton Flying School Introductory Flying Lessons are available every day of the week, by appointment. If the weather is inclement, we will reschedule your lesson to another day.

Gift certificates for Introductory Flying Lessons at Princeton Flying School are redeemable within one year of purchase.

Note: You do not have to be an American citizen to enjoy this lesson. Also, there is no minimum age, however we require that the student be tall enough to reach the pedals of a car. The airplane has pedals, too.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to make your Introductory Flying Lesson at Princeton Airport the best it can be...


Q: How does the Weather influence my Intro Flight date?

A: There are some weather conditions that may impact your lesson scheduling. For instance, the winds may be too strong or the clouds may be too low. We have to be able to see a certain distance and if those things are not in accordance with certain regulations, we can't fly. Since we want to make sure that when we schedule an instructor and a plane for you, that the weather is in line with this experience. Unfortunately if the weather is not cooperating we're going to have to reschedule your Intro Flight for another time.


Q: Will you contact me if the weather prohibits my Intro Flight?

A: Yes. We usually contact you the morning of the lesson depending on time of lesson you are scheduled if we can determine bad weather. However, sometimes we do need to wait for within an hour or two of your lesson to let you know, because sometimes the weather predictors are not as accurate as we want them to be.


Q: How early should I arrive before my scheduled flight time?

A: Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled flight time. We have a small amount of paperwork for you to fill out. And we have a waiting area for you.


Q: How old do I have to be to take an Introductory Flying Lesson?

A: Your age is not important, but your height is. You have to be tall enough to reach the pedals of a car. That's the criteria. 


Q: What clothing is recommended?

A: You should wear comfortable clothes. During the winter it might be a little chilly, so wear a sweater or a coat. In the summer, please wear lightweight clothing that is comfortable because it can get a little warm during the flight. There are no air conditioners in the training planes. A note about shoes... Please do not wear open toe shoes because you will be steering the airplane with your feet. And you will be controlling brakes on the wheels of the airplane with your feet. So shoes with high heels may present problems. Otherwise running shoes or leather shoes will work best.


Q: May I invite passengers to join me on my Introductory Flying lesson?

A: Yes. However there is an additional fee of $75 per person and there is a maximum of two additional passengers allowed whose combined weight does not exceed 300 lbs. Passengers younger than 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult or someone to watch them in the back seat.


Q: May my passengers take pictures?

A: Yes. We encourage you to take pictures because we believe this is an awesome experience. It is the experience that you have that your pictures will reflect, you will not be able to describe the emotion that when you come down from that lesson, there are some people that words are just not enough.


Q: Does my Introductory Lesson flight time count toward my Private Pilot's License requirement?

A: Yes. At the end of the lesson you will receive a log entry signed by your FAA certified Flying Instructor confirming your initial lesson and time that counts towards your private pilot license.